Gluten Free Foods

We produce dietary flour mixtures specially developed for people who for various reasons kept gluten-free diet.

To preserve the integrity of our products, we do not use wheat starch, as it may contain residual gluten (gluten). We replace it with corn starch and potato and composition of, in particular on corn, rice and soybean meal. The result is a mixture of flour, from which it can be in the kitchen to conjure up virtually anything – the traditional home-cooked meals, desserts and culinary experiments. See the Product ..

Natural  gluten free flours

The market can find a wide range of naturally gluten-free flours. Not all are as safe and reliable. Often they produced in establishments where it can contaminate cereals containing gluten.

Our natural flours are produced in specialized plants in Slovakia using only naturally gluten-free ingredients. Plant safety without contamination is certified by an accredited laboratory of Bel-Novamann International.

Gluten-free Ready Mixes

With its full composition and easy to use you our ready mixes to quickly prepare gluten-free versions of traditional Slovak dishes that you love. The mixes can also be used in an innovative ways to create new favouraite. For inspiration, see the our recipe book.

(Cake, pancakes, dumplings, gingerbread, muffins, bread crumbs)